Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Technology in the hands of an almost nine-year old can be great and can be dangerous. Rebecca is now the proud owner of an iPod. She has the most interest in it over any other present that she has ever gotten. She asks me daily to "text" her. I love my digital love notes.

The good thing is that it gets her to write, express herself and ask me how to spell words. The bad part is that now I have to step up the Mommy-hood and really police this powerful gadget. This weekend, she took a close-up of my raggedy cat on her iPod and emailed it to me. He is over 16 years old, so it's really not my fault.

He really needs some TLC. I spend about a half an hour last night brushing him.

On a different technology topic, I also have some general complaints about the Disney channel lately. Some of the tweens on those shows are so sassy, materialistic, and mean. I need to do some more filtering of these shows. Uggg. At least she's not into any of those silly video games, yet....