Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bittersweet September 14th

Today is Family Day. Two years ago today was a terribly traumatic day for my daughter and me. I don't forget the courage she needed to become part of our family. She is my hero.

Today my dad died. On the two year anniversary of "Gotcha Day". My dad was a genius wrapped in his own mind and for the past months, trapped in his own body. In many ways, I am very much like him. In other ways, I am different. His actions made me independent and able to face the world.

This morning, after I told Rebecca, she gave very mature responses. She said that Grandpa was in Heaven and that today is a happy AND a sad day. She 'gets' it. I'm a very lucky person.

In Memory of: Dr. Richard Sonshine
May 16, 1940 - September 14, 2011