Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yes, Second Grade Started

I have been notified that my blog is rusty. Come on, now, I posted pictures of second grade on Facebook. Isn't that good enough?

She's in a very full class of 28 students. Her teacher has 5 adopted children of her own. Her best friend sits next to her. Second grade has a lot of homework, but she is keeping up with the work... Only with a couple of meltdowns.

She's transitioning from the gymnastics class to the tumbling class. Only because it starts later in the evening and it's easier for me to drive her after work.

I've been kind of the Tiger mom lately. But that's only because I am raising a Tiger kitty. She is as driven as me, if not even more so. Of course, not on Saturday. That's her "rest day." And boy, does she soak it up. She loves couch potato time.

So, that's the big second grade update. :)

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  1. Rebecca and Grandma Jayne are both alike; they both like "rest day."