Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two Mice, a Dog, and a Duck

Note: As promised, my husband is back to his blog contributions.

Well, it’s 2011. That’s right, only one more year left if you go by the Mayan calendar, but who the hell uses one of those and the movie stunk too. It’s 2011 and my wife and I have been parents for a year and a half. It has been two Christmases, two Hanukkahs and just one birthday with one approaching. In that time Rebecca has seen Hong Kong, Chicago, Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York City, New Jersey, Orlando, and of course, Macon. She is probably the most well-travelled seven year old child in the world.

In this time we have all experienced what seems like a life time of memories all in such a short period of time. In the sixteen years I have been married, the time seemed to have slowly moved by and I think this is because you just don’t realize the change in yourself and your spouse. You put on a couple of pounds, she puts on a couple of pounds, she gets some wrinkles, she gets some grey hair and you put on a couple more pounds. But with a kid everything seems to change on a daily basis.

Only a year ago, Rebecca was afraid to be in the same room with me and could go nowhere without mommy. But now everything has changed. Well, not everything. It still seems Margo has her in her back pocket but she loves attention from both of us. She will jump around asking me to “tote” her around which is a term she got from me. She has me carry her around everywhere, which is of course the best thing for a herniated disc. I know they say love hurts but come on.

She has some the cutest sayings and comments. The other day we were playing and she started calling me “Joker”. When I asked he why she called me that she said because you are always playing jokes on me. She also started this “Hey, look over there….made you look” thing that makes me want to find who taught her that and stick ‘em in a trunk.

Before this Christmas the whole family including Grandma went to Disney World and it was wonderful. I went there once as I child but I just don’t believe it affected me like it did Rebecca. When we walked into the park I looked at her face and it seemed like she was living a dream. She walked around with her mouth open for at least two hours. Grandma did the same but at sixty-four I think she was just trying to increase the amount of oxygen intake.

We went on “It’s a Small World” and I told my wife I have retirement plan. I am going to go back to this place in the middle of the night in a wet suit with a sack because every person that has ever been there has thrown change in the water. This ride takes you through a mechanical wonderland of small puppets moving and jumping while music plays in the background. It is like Chucky meets Pinocchio. It was a great place and Rebecca got to see everything.

We waited at least at an hour to see the three princesses. We walked through a winding maze up, down, left, right, down up, left…I’d liked to meet the guy who designed this. And the whole time you are in line you are literally inside of a store. What a racket…you wait in line while some guy waves a Mickey or Minnie paraphernalia which you could buy for $39.99 or just wait ‘til you get to a dollar store.

When we got to the end, Rebecca definitely thought it was worth the wait and so did I. I felt like a dirty old man. She got to have her picture taken with the princesses and have a little conversation with them and they stayed in character. I don’t think Cinderella lived in the castle -- maybe something smaller with wheels on the bottom.

It was a great time and as usual the wife had the whole thing scheduled, categorized and planned. The night came and we waited for the Disney parade which had all the characters riding floats down the main street and of course Mickey strategically placed some eight dollar hot chocolate stands nearby. My wife planned that we would sit or stand on the street as the parade passed by well so did everyone else. We walked everywhere and it seemed every patch of real estate was occupied. The thing that was really annoying is that some people were saving a space for the entire Brazilian soccer team.

I looked at my wife and knew she was ready to spin kick someone who told us they were saving another inch of space. And there it was a small space, a small gap, we moved in when some guy said “I am saving that area”. Now keep in mind I am carrying my daughter and I could hear Margo and Grandma scheming to elbow their way in there. Slowly we moved in and believe you me sometimes, very few times; it pays to be 280 lbs.

In the end, it was an enjoyable experience by all. We spent five hours on the drive back to Macon complaining about every ache and pain. But all the aches and pains were soothed when I thought about the smile on my daughter’s face.

I looked at my wife, there was another gray hair. I looked at Grandma, there was another wrinkle. I looked down at my stomach, and realized that all the junk food added some more pounds. And last but not least, I could not erase the image of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck sitting around playing cards with the money I dropped there.


  1. FANTASTIC post, Mike! So glad you're back-to-blogging, look forward to much more from you! --Victoria

  2. you and Adrian are SO much alike, but really...blogging about your beautiful bride's grey hairs!?.....your not the sharpest knife in the drawer are ya? (-: