Thursday, January 13, 2011

Karito Kids Ling - They're Changing Her Outfit!

While making my new widgets, I noticed that the Karito Kids doll Ling has a new outfit! Oh my!

Now Rebecca is not much of a doll person, but we keep baby dolls and Barbie dolls on hand because when she has playdates, they are needed! (We also have a few beautiful collector dolls when she gets older.) If it were not for her friends, they would be ignored in a corner. Her friends takes her dolls out in the stroller and around the house.

However, the one doll that she has attached to more than the others is the Karito Kid Ling. Now, I wouldn't say this is an American Girl knockoff. Rather, I'd say it's an American Girl competitor. In the same price range, the doll is made of the same high quality. She has a hard face, bust, and arms and legs, and a soft middle. Our favorite part of the doll is her face. Rebecca says she's "pretty." She does not have equally as complementary comments about the Asian American Girl.

Ling has long eyelashes (her eyes do not close) and true Asian features. Also, her hair is a full wig (no bald parts) with two little braids on each side of her head (which has now become one of Rebecca's favorite hairstyles).

Another thing to note is that Ling is about 2" longer than an American Girl and a little skinnier as well. However, I have bought clothes that are intended for American Girl and they will fit okay -- just a little short and loose.

Now the doll we bought is wearing a velvety-feeling orange short sleeve shirty and blue denim skirt with white tights, pink legwarmers, and white shoes (by the way, the legwarmers are good for covering up too short American Girl dresses when her outfit is changed).

The new doll is dressed in a magenta Asian-inspired long-sleeve jacket with matching boots. The skirt is lime green with matching tights. She looks like she has the same exact face. Maybe she's just newly outfitted for winter?

Either way, I like both outfits -- and you can buy the winter outfit separately as well if you already have the doll in the original outfit.


  1. your amazing you know that!!! We Love the christmas photo! And this is so gorgeous......where could we get one? Amazon I assume...


  2. and yes, Ling IS prettier than the American Girl version. In fact, a friend bought both for her daughter one year because she found Ling and her daughter had only asked for Ivy. When she opened both, she took Ivy and told her Mom, "I don't like her. Send her back please." I now have 2 Lings put up for my daughters in a year or so. :)

  3. Welcome to my monetized blog! LOL
    Anyway, in exchange for my blatant advertisements, Mike has volunteered to step it up a notch and start writing on the blog again. He is such a funny writer!

  4. I have Ling also, I love her! I do like the new outfit too.