Friday, December 10, 2010

Hair Distress

We had another panic attack at the hair salon, again. The plan was for Rebecca to get hers trimmed and me to get my usual color and cut (yes, fight against the gray). She was actually excited to get her hair cut and had told alot of people that she was going to get it cut!

BUT, once we got there, poor Rebecca put herself in a little frenzy worrying about the color of my hair. I actually had to take her outside, goop in my hair and all, and discuss her anxiety and meltdown. Bottom line is, she doesn't want Mommy to CHANGE. And she does not like my hair to be BLACK. She wants it to be JUST LIKE HERS. And she doesn't want any surprises.

I was quickly whisked off to the bowl to wash off the offending solution. Rebecca accepted her trim, she cheerfully got a look at all of the hairdresser's tools and gadgets, and she gave final "approval" of my style. She was actually giddy for the rest of the night, as we dined on Zaxby's chicken and made a quick trip to Publix.

I was expecting hair trauma at age 17, but definitely not at age 7.

Other than salon anxiety, Rebecca is doing great! We are so proud of her great grades at school. She had her end of the term evaluation in gymnastics and is doing well. She continues to go to Sunday school, daycare, and all of her extra-curriculars with no problems. I'm looking forward to a great Christmas break!


  1. *ahem* you seem to have forgotten the pictures darling.....

    We are all waiting.....


  2. :) Sorry that she was distressed, but I'm with R - where are the photos. ;)

    I'm glad she's doing so well. Funny how certain things pop up now and then out of the blue. Somehow the year it's been seems like forever and then something will happen to make me remember that it's *only* been a year.