Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We've enjoyed more than one week of summertime now. Rebecca seems to enjoy the more relaxed pace of summer and mix of activities - day care, swimming lessons, gymnastics lessons, sleeping late on weekends, extra naptime, and eating non-stop.
She's excited that Grandma is coming to visit for two weeks and she will go to equestrian day camp in July. She is trying to sneak in the beach and Disneyworld. I think we mentioned Disneyworld too soon, because I really think it's too hot to go in the summer. I really want to wait until December. For a seven-year old, she really is allowed a lot of the role in family decision-making!
We are so grateful for our lively, affectionate, smart, bossy, and beautiful girl! Maybe the next post I'll talk about she keeps Mommy in line...

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