Friday, June 18, 2010

Princess Rivkah

Yesterday, Rebecca, Grandma Joan, and I went to Atlanta so that Rebecca could go in a mikveh. She dunked, she spoke Hebrew prayers, she's officiallly Jewish! It was pretty impressive what a big girl she was. She was only a little bit nervous when she had to speak in front of three rabbis, but hey, I would've been nervous, too!
We celebrated by going to the synagogue giftshop, then going to IHOP (she got the smiley face pancakes). Then after we drove home, she went swimming, went to gymnastics, ate dinner, and was the princess of the house for the rest of the night.
All of this doting on and attention has its price, but also its rewards. Last night at bedtime, she insisted on giving me a kiss...on the lips.


  1. Congratulations to Rebecca and to her proud Mama! What a brave young lady!

  2. MAZEL TOV!!! Love, Auntie Victoria

  3. Mazel tov to Rivkah! ~~~Love, Grandma Jayne

  4. Mazel Tov -- not sure what made me check your blog tonight, but I was "kvelling" for you after reading about the trip to the Mikveh!
    Love, Rhonda

  5. Mazel Tov! We are so excited for you all!!
    And please tell Mike Happy Father's day for us!
    Marty & Elmo

  6. Congratulations Sweetheart! And Congrats to mom for the kiss on the lips!!!