Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today at kindergarten, Rebecca's class was having an 'Outside Fun Day' because they weren't able to have a class field trip this year. We had gotten the notice last week and she seemed really excited and asked me to go (parents were invited as well). I filled out my leave request, got ready in the morning, all set to go, and what does she say? "I want to go all by myself." In other words, I don't need you at my school, Mommy. Go to work, please.

I told her she hurt my feelings - but really, I am a little proud of her. She's gaining her independence and she is starting to be more of a big girl every day. Congratulations, my little kindergarten graduate!

Monday's Kindergarten Graduation Presentation with blue medal for "Perfect Behavior"


  1. LOL, yup that would hurt my feelings aswell. I have to comment that I love seeing the beautiful diversity of the Class!

  2. What a sweet picture. I've not been snubbed yet and hope I don't anytime soon.