Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kindergarten Parent Lunch Day

Today, Mike and I got to eat at Rebecca's school for Kindergarten Parent Lunch Day! The food has really improved since I've been to elementary school (thanks, Cleta). You could tell all the kids were really excited that the parents were there. At the end of lunch, they recited a poem and sang a song (caught on video, to be posted soon). Then we were given one of their writings. It gives me a great feeling that she has friends at school and that she is learning English so well (Can I also brag that she had one of the best writings in the class? LOL)

On a funny note, the teacher's aide told Rebecca to tell another kid to sit down at the lunch table. Apparently, they have caught on how bossy she is (just like her Mommy!) and use her as a helper! Oh, she is a little lieutenant in training.


  1. I am so proud of Rebecca!! And she's just like her Mommy, too. ;) Love, Auntie Victoria

  2. Rebecca is smart and beautiful just like her grandma. ~~~G'ma Jayne

  3. Would you email me at wyochinagirl @ gmail. com (remove spaces). I have some information I'd like to share with you (found your blog through RQ) - I'm not a spammer :-))

  4. I absolutely love Rebecca's picture. Full of happiness. I was surprised at how well she writes English too. She is blossoming very fast. luv always - dungeon-dweller DawnP