Saturday, November 7, 2009

Purple Hair


Well, it has now been nearly two months since I first laid eyes on my little girl. It was a long and hard decision to adopt an older child but I am glad everyday that my wife and I made our decision. I guess like any other parent who adopts a child young or old you ask yourself if you have made not only the right decision for yourself, but also for your child. Again, I without a doubt in my mind feel that I have given my daughter a life filled with opportunities which she never would have had.

As beautiful as China is and as wonderful as its people were, I did always feel a deep sorrow for its people. Individuality did not seem welcomed among the masses of people. If you go to any mall in America, you see some crazy knuckle head teenager with purple hair or sporting something that makes you think how in the hell did that kid leave the house and his parents not slap the * out of him? As crazy as it seems, being a rigid believer in rules and living without excuses, most who know me would not believe this would come out of my mouth but I am glad to see this.

Don’t misunderstand me - I think the kid with the purple hair is an idiot, but I respect this county’s credit for individualism. I respect the fact that everyone wants to stand out in front or even behind the pack. Americans want to be different and for the most part, they want to be special. I’d like to think I gave my daughter this opportunity. The opportunity to be anything she wants to be (no not the Army motto that’s “be all you can be”). As I said China was a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, but when we were there, we could not publicly access any online blog site. Why is that? It is because individualism is not embraced. It seems in a county so rich in history with so many people, everyone’s uniqueness would at least be good for a few laughs.

I feel myself a little philosophical lately. I guess a change in your life can cause you to be more observant and appreciate what you have. I tell everyone a little secret - when I was young, I never wanted to travel anywhere and probably still would not have done so if not for my wife. I would have missed out. I have been many places and have seen a lot that makes me appreciate what I have. I will probably continue to travel in years to come.

My little girl is doing great. Her English in incredible for the amount of time she had been here. She did start to test her mother a little the past few days, but not me, she is still scared of me. Sometimes I feel like the Frankenstein monster walking around the house but she will come around. I have seen more of her smile and that makes it all worth it. She loves school and her teachers. I will blog periodically when I am drunk enough, bored enough, or when the cable goes out. Oh, and god help my little girl if she ever comes home with purple hair.