Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat


Well, it has been a little over a month that my little girl first stepped foot on American soil and there has been a lot of transition and a lot of transformation. I remember the good ol’ days of waking up late turning on the television and watching the morning news, maybe read the paper, and even some alone time in my own bathroom. That time is gone.

Every morning we wake up and both my wife and I spring into action like a pit crew at some NASCAR event. She handles waking the kid up while I start on breakfast. This is a good time for me since I get to see her for at least 15 minutes each morning to start our day. We have gotten to the point where she can effectively communicate what she wants to eat every morning. And remember a mere 30 days ago she was scared of all the pets; well, those days are also gone. She spends most of her time in the morning feeding all of them and man-handling all of them. Fortunately, they are all good sports about it.

Mom is in charge of making sure she is dressed and ready and then she is off to work. I will stay with Rebecca a few minutes for breakfast and if time permits she gets a little of Ni Hao Kai Lan. She loves that show. When she is off to school she anxiously awaits her stop looking out the window for the right time to jump out of her seat and run inside. I still get little eye contact, but she gives me one last look of approval before she runs off and I think that is her way of saying, “good-bye, daddy, I love you.” Or it could be, “Just make sure someone picks me up.” Either way, it is something I look forward to each day.

This week Rebecca is a little more excited because her grandmother has come from New Jersey for a visit. At first, she seemed a little hesitant but now it is her best friend. She leads grandma all over the house by the hand and talks to her in English. It is official, I just moved one more notch down the list behind the cats, the dog, the postman, and the grocery bagger, but that is okay. Anyway, yesterday I was tasked with bringing Rebecca for her shots and this was an experience. We had to go to the health department with grandma there for moral support. Grandma held her and she had to get four shots. Well, she made it past the first one but with the second a loud agonizing shrill rang out and the people in line started running for the door. No, not really, but the scream was real. Even grandma was surprised that such a loud noise could come from a small girl. Grandma did a great job walking her around outside while I paid the bill.

Halloween is coming up and we will have to see if our little girl will participate. It is a very foreign concept since nothing in her country is comparable. We brought her to a church event recently and she seemed confused by some of the more gruesome costumes. We will see if she warms up to the phrase, “Trick or treat.”


  1. I think as soon as she sees all the candy, she will get into it. Mike, glad to see you're posting... last I heard you were sick.
    Ayee Sandy

  2. I agree with Ayee Sandy, once she gives and receives M&M's, she'll get the idea. Feel better, MIke, keep up the great posts and pix! Grandma Jayne needs to spend lots more time down south with y'all.

    Love Ayee /Auntie Vicky/Victoria