Friday, September 18, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Whoever came up with the phrase "a walk in the park" to symbolize the simplicity of an action never took a newly adopted six-year old to a Chinese park. Today the guide took us to a beautiful park. I am sorry I don't remember the name and it was not the one on our itinerary but the English translation was the park by the lake. It was a very green and shaded parked that was meticulously landscaped and there were hundreds of older Chinese citizens practicing dancing, Ti Chi, and some form of hackysack.

We walked into the park and around the lake and everything seemed fine. There was a small playground and as we walked towards it she began to resist and stood at the entrance. We tried to go inside and she would not follow. Margo then tried to take her hand and she was not having it. The guide, Kelly, tried to walk her in and she again was not having it. Then I tried and, of course, failure. Margo then tried to pick her up and Chernobyl again. Rebecca Xiu screamed and the tranquility of the landscape was disturbed. We showed her a little bit about discipline…no pleasant goat today.

We left the park and she dragged that bottom lip. When we got back to the room she asked to watch Pleasant goat and the answer was no. I believe she knew why because she was a nicer to both of us but she still got no goat. She then spent some more one on one time with Margo and Margo said she spoke to her in Chinese and opened up again. I really just think she hates groups. I sat with Margo and her and we did flash cards showing her a picture with an English word. We showed her the card, Margo said the word, Rebecca repeated the word, and I repeated the word and she was rewarded with one M&M. After the whole deck, she had a bag of M&M's but she was forced to speak with us and make eye contact. I was very pleased.

We then brought her out to dinner and then let her watch some goat. The best sign was that she picked her own clothing out for the following day which was a pair of blue jean shorts and the yellow Little Miss Sunshine shirt her daddy picked out. Even with our second mini melt down it was a good day.

We were told at one time by the guide that Xiu new name Rebecca means "beautiful shell" when translated in Chinese. I don't believe there is a better description of our little girl.


  1. Isn't there an expression for that, they got her goat, LOL?! Happy Jewish New Year 5770! I normally am not on the computer now, I'm only ono here for YOU!

    Auntie Victoria

  2. "I really just think she hates groups."

    There has to be more to it. She saw or heard something at the playground that you and Kelly missed or didn't understand. When you can communicate better with her, she will be able to describe better what happens when she is unhappy like that.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your roller coaster ride.

    Grandpa Rick

  3. I see that the nap queen found a way to get her nap. Things are going to work out great because it looks like Miss Xui likes her naps to. I am with Grandpa Rick about the playground.

  4. Thanks for sharing so much! We're adopting one of Rebecca's friends from Zhongshan, Xue. Shelley sent me a picture and Xue is on the left in the group with the 2 older ladies in back. Rebecca is adorable and I love hearing the good and bad of adopting older.


  5. Shelley sent me the same pic, but our Ping wasn't it it. Love hearing the stories aswell! Sounds like she's doing good!

  6. Aww. I just imagine your day through your posts. Baby steps.
    I love the 'goats.' Rob and I thought they were sheep. Who knew? Yes, those tunes are catchy aren't they?
    Be well and know we're thinking of you back home.
    Jenny and Rob

  7. We'll need to teach her how to say "Go Dawgs!" They just won another great game!
    Love your posts! Rhonda