Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to Go Home Together as a Family


Rebecca Xiu cried a soft wimper tonight as we packed all of our belongings into our three suitcases. She will be toting her same backpack tonight that came with her from the orphanage. I didn't have the heart to go through it and empty out the heavy items. Each item inside is a token of her history and she wants it with her. It must be all so scary for her.

Tonight, when I tucked my little girl into bed, I looked into her eyes and told in her half English and half Chinese that we love her and that tomorrow, we are going to America. And that we are her family now and that we will be together forever. Can you believe she simply nodded her head that she understood?

How brave we ask her to be tomorrow...


  1. You really know how to make a woman cry. Good luck tomorrow to all three of you. Have a safe trip home!

  2. Patrick and Stephanie DoyleSeptember 24, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    Margo we are so looking forward to meeting Rebecca. You and Mike are going to be the best parents that little girl could have ever asked for! At this point she has no idea how lucky she is! We prayed for this day to come for you and are super excited that your day is here!!