Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ride of Your Life


Well, only one more day to the "Gotcha day". This the day that we finally are introduced to Rebecca and we both can't wait.

We started the day by waking up at 0400 AM, packing, and shipping out for Guangzhou. This is about an hour away from our daughter's province. We woke up and made it downstairs. When we got down there I did not have my morning coffee so I asked the clerk if there was a place nearby that I could get some coffee. She made a phone call and got me what I wanted. You see coffee is not near as poplar as tea, so they probably had to brew some. That's okay I probably would have paid a thousand dollars for a cup at that time.

We loaded on the bus and headed for the airport. Okay, one thing that is different from American culture that I have already experienced several times is the tipping. For example, the driver who brought us around the two days we were in Beijing was usually given a tip. We were told this is the amount you give and then we were told this is the amount you give to your tour guide. It was explained that this is a custom in China. I guess it is just funny to me because when you're told this is what you tip then it becomes a fee and not a tip. It is not much money but just kind of ironic.

We flew out with no complications. The flight was about three hours aboard China Air and was very comfortable. I was kind of sweating that they would bring me to the seat and I could not fit one leg in the seat but it was very comfortable. They even sat all the English speaking passengers together and provided us with an English speaking stewardess. Margo spent the whole time asking me if I noticed how perfect the stewardesses were in everywhere from their hair to their makeup. I have been married for fifteen years I know a set up when it is coming.

We landed and met our guide, Kelly, who quickly escorted us to wait for our shuttle. She was very helpful and pleasant always asking us if we needed anything. This is good because she will be our guide for the next two weeks. As we drove the hour to the hotel we got to see more of the country side. The highway was still immaculate but some of the city was more of what we expected. The building definitely looked dated compared to Beijing and not manicured as well.

We arrived at Shamian Island where we will be staying. The first stop was at the White Swan Hotel where Sandy and Tom are staying. After a few minutes, we left for our hotel, The Victory. The room is nice but not extravagant. It will meet our needs for the next two weeks. We then walked around for about an hour. It is hot and humid here. I am talking beat down, pouring down sweaty, begging for a sip of water hot. It makes Macon look like a snow covered paradise.

The day is finally over and we are one step closer to embracing our daughter and bringing her home. The whole adoption experience has been exhausting but definitely worth the sacrifices. It is similar to a day at the amusement park on a hot sweaty day. The guy at the front gate tells you to try the roller coaster because there is only a fifteen minute ride. You walk there to find that it has the longest line the whole time cursing that guy. You then stand in line for three hours looking at some 15 year old kid picking his nose and talking on the cell phone who lets only a few people on at a time. You are thinking to yourself why in the heck doesn't this line hurry up. When you finally get there you sit down and relax thinking finally I am here. The cart starts to creep along towards the pinnacle of the ride or the top of the coaster and that's where I feel we are. Sure, you hold your breath as you get to the top, close your eyes and hang on for dear life. But in the end after all the screaming, crying, twists, turns, and vomiting you come to the end with a smile on your face and say to the next joker standing in line that was the greatest ride of your life. That's how I feel right now I can't wait to get over the top and meet my new baby.


  1. We are so excited for you that you are finally going to meet her tomorrow. I am checking this blog constantly for updates. Can't wait for the picture of the 3 of you together!
    Sandy, Rich and Calista

  2. Yes, I would lose my mind if you didn't have this blog! I'm so excited I can't stand it! Good luck tomorrow. All she really needs is to be loved. The details will fall in place.
    Michele & Jensen
    (and the pets are fine)

  3. Good luck to you and Margo tomorrow! Mike, your blogs are graphically vivid and really paint a great picture of your time. We look forward to reading more! (Maybe the telegraph should hire you on as a Travel Writer...or a PD blog?)

    As you said, it's like the greatest roller coaster ride ever! Everything is about to happen and rush so fast, don't forget to savour every moment on the beginning of your journey!


  4. Thanks for the details on your trip. We are all waiting with excitement for you. Hope things are going smoothly today. Can't wait to see the pictures of the new Kenirey family.

    Sending love, Rebecca

  5. Mike, Mindy, Chase and MadeleineSeptember 14, 2009 at 12:40 PM

    Anxiously awaiting the first pictures of you two as parents! This is so exciting and we are so happy for you. Don't forget to drink lots of water with all that sweating! Mike, your posts are fantastic, keep them coming!

  6. Mike and Margo,
    What a great blog. We are anxious to meet your darling daughter, Rebecca. Hang in there parents -- you are doing great! Our love and best to all!
    Gardner and Cleta