Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Puzzle Pieces Falling into Place

Last night Xiu went to bed at about 8am and we woke up at 7am. We have been trying to keep the same schedule although I get up most nights and just pace around the room. But Margo and Xiu slept well. Xiu did not need any help getting out of bed. Margo gently called her name and she sat up like it was her first day at boot camp. She immediately started putting her shoes on. The whole time she started to whimper because I think she realized she was not at the orphanage but she quickly recovered and started her morning.

We had breakfast and boy this kid could put a 400LB trucker to shame. She liked the variety at our hotel breakfast buffet which is thankfully Chinese. But she shovels it in and she is not shy while eating. She sat on Margo's lap and even though she is very leery and distant towards me I am so glad she is bonding with Margo. It makes sense because from what we know she was very close to her nanny. She was much closer to her than her peers. This is good because when she finally accepts Margo she will be on her like stink on a pig.

After breakfast we walked around for a bit but it was windy and raining. There was about a foot of water on the ground so Margo picked up Xiu and carried her. Margo is trying so hard and I am very proud of her. I walk around like security but that's okay. Every now and again Xiu looks up at me and I know in time she will accept me as her father but it will take time. I will be patient.

At 1000am we went back t the same government building we got her at. I was not excited about this because I thought Xiu would think she was going back to the orphanage which at this particular point is what she wants because of her detachment to the nanny. Xiu was a trooper though and sat very quietly and took everything in. It was our final paperwork where we both signed to accept her as our child. It was really weird because we had two separate interviews where they asked us if we as parents promise to never abandon her, educate her, and never torture her. The government officials compared our answers with our paperwork. We left there for some retail therapy.

We went to the China's version of Walmart. The only thing I was interested in finding was the cartoon she supposed likes called Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. I looked on the internet last night and it is now where to be found in the US. It also seems hard to order from China. There it was as near a extremely loud television. I mean I am talking really loud. We got her three seasons of China's answer to Spongebob. Xiu was tired and hungry because it was nearing her nap time. She knew what she wanted though a Chinese Barbie and Hall's menthol cough drops. We also got her some lunch and we sat on a bench just near the check out waiting for the other families and our guide.

While we were standing there two older Chinese couples were sitting near drinking beer and staring at Xiu and Margo. The older lady starting walking towards Margo and I have to say I was thinking because of her age she was going to be old fashioned and she was going to come over and with a drunken slur say something in Chinese and make Xiu cry. I was thinking that all I need that my little girl to drunk 80 year old lady in a head lock. But to my surprise the lady came over and was very pleasant even though she would have failed a sobriety test. She told us she was envious of our little girl. We met back together and headed back to our hotels. When we walked back to the room I told Margo that Xiu almost had a strut holding Margo's hand and me holding two bags full of stuff she picked out.

It was about two-thirty and when we got back Margo said I guess we should put Xiu down for a nap. Margo was then out like a light. I watched Xiu she laid in bed and played with her dolls. For the first time she seemed a little content. When Margo woke up she took out a puzzle that Xiu wanted at the store. The two of them did the puzzle until dinner time. She again seemed very content and interested.

We then went to dinner and Xiu again packed it away. She obviously does not do well being the center of attention nor does she do well in a crowd so she was very quiet. We got back to the room and she kept making tea. She then gave it to Margo and she figured that she must have done it for the nanny. I then set up her DVD. Okay, I have the answer for the whole CIA water boarding issue. Scrap that interrogation method and play this cartoon for an hour to terrorists. They would tell where there momma was hiding. Well, whatever makes my little girl happy.


  1. getting better already!


  2. Where is the "like" button for this post?

    - Trenton

  3. You all are doing so well! We were so tired when we adopted our 3 year old son. Hearing you speak of Margo carrying Xiu makes me wish I had worked out more before we meet Grace Qiao!

    Thank you for the details. I am hoping they are similar to our daughter's experience at the CWI.


  4. Mike, my dad was always and still is a big guy (as you know)..but his size and demeanor often made me feel protected..so walking beside them like security, as you put it, is not a negative..keep doing what you're doing..
    Michele (child of another police officer)

  5. Keep hanging in there. It seems to be getting better and better every day. I cannot wait to meet little Miss Xiu. Have the time of your lives!

  6. So impressed with your storytelling Mike. I've been checking every morning for the next installment. Glad things are starting to smooth over. Rebecca

  7. Having been a stray you two took in once upon a time...I can say Rebecca is very lucky to have you two as parents. She will feel loved & protected as I did...even more so because, as you so eloquently put it Mike, She is "your little girl"!!! Enjoy every minute of this!!!