Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My

Today was a day at the zoo. We woke up early again and went to the breakfast buffet again. It seemed that someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed because we got a little bit of attitude this morning. Margo wanted Xiu to wear an outfit we brought for her. Any of the outfits would do. She whined, whimpered and finally a compromise. She wore a pair of the leggings she brought from the orphanage with a pink flowered pajama top that daddy picked out. We walked out the door and for the first time she did not reach back to hold Margo's hand as we walked out the room door. She just walked ahead with that bottom lip dragging behind her like a fifty pound bag of potatoes. Margo caught up to her and told her to hold her hand and she complied.

While sitting the table she actually sat at the table while Margo got up to get her food. She did not look at me but she did not shy away from me and allowed me to hand her food which is a little bit of an improvement. She again changed up her menu but still got healthy choices. We met a family from New Jersey living in New Mexico. They adopted an eight year old boy who did not seem at all shy. In fact, I walked up to get some dumplings and this is the kid carrying off a plate of about a hundred. His dad told me their child is excited but is a handful. They said he is very stubborn and always wants his way. Hmm, sounds like someone I know. In fact, sounds like two girls I know. They were nice people. They had a seven year old they adopted five years ago who is all American already. She was adorable. We finished and walked towards the door.

I told Margo I did not want to go back to the room, so we walked to Starbucks and then around the park nearby. I also found out you don't ask for cream in your coffee in China because you get whipped cream. I also found out they do not have sweet tea just hot tea with floaties. We walked around and everyone was Chinese - no Americans, no Europeans, no Australians, just Chinese. But you know I found that Chinese problem have the same problem I encountered in Mexico. They stare but not at me. They stared at my wife and kid because she was holding this little Chinese kid. I fixed that problem I stared back and I am not talking about a normal stare. I raised one eyebrow, curled my nose, and snarled a little bit. I figured they either thought I was crazy or retarded but either way it worked.

We met our group at the White Swan again and it was off to the Zoo. I thought she would be excited to see large animals kept in deplorable conditions throwing pooh at one another but no, she was not impressed. There was one exception, she loved the giraffes. We then went to the Noodle King for lunch. We then went back to the room for a nap and more of the Pleasant Goat. Margo has a plan now. She says that each and every time Rebecca wants something like food or electronical entertainment she will have to ask me. We will see how that works. I told her that I had a plan and it was that she spend some one on one time with Xiu to see if that worked for her.

A few hours later Margo returned after a walk and playing with Rebecca one on one and she said it worked like a charm. She said they walked around and went to a shop. Once they got back to the room, they colored, did flashcards, braided Barbie's hair, and played solitaire and with 'Paint' on the computer. She said Rebecca is fine when she is only with her but take her around anyone else and she shuts down. That is a good sign. It shows she will bond very closely with one parent and the other will just come in time. I am willing to wait. We went to dinner, got more Pleasant Goat, and on to bed.


  1. Sounds like you want to come home almost as badly as we all want you to. Margo missed a very eventful lunch with Deborah Burks this week and celebrating Gardner's 58th birthday was not the same without her. And maybe it's just me but it feels like crime in Macon is on the increase too...

  2. It's really great to be able to follow along with you on this experience. When reading your entries, I alternate between getting teary-eyed and laughing out loud. I became intrigued with this Pleasant Goat that keeps coming up so I did some research. That's quite an... um... interesting show. Mike, are you going to miss it once you get back across the pond? :) Robbie

  3. We are all awwwwwing over your experiences we look forward to reading all your blog posts. We miss you guys very much and we look forward to meeting Rebecca We are sure she will be sweet

  4. Yes, there's so much for her to take in...probably one person at a time..her trust will grow...I know you're both ready to be home with her, but you're now less than a week away from starting the rest of your lives! After the 3+ year process you've already endured, the week will (hopefully) fly by!

  5. Hi, y'all, you're doing awesome, keep it up! I looked at some Pleasant Goat clips on You Tube. I hope Xiu will like to eventually branch out into programs such as Sesame Street and cartoons that don't have all that violence and cartoon characters that complain all the time and constantly yell and get angry.

    Auntie Victoria

  6. I've been without internet since Sunday and couldn't wait to log in to "read all about it!" I'ts way past my bedtime, but I enjoyed every minute of this week's entries. So wonderful to keep all of us posted on growing your family.

    Enjoy all of these memories -- you have a book and a Lifetime movie in this! Big hugs from Rhonda

  7. Robbie and I decided we needed to find out more about Pleasant Goat. We did a little research and found Pleasant Goat. Mike, I really feel for you. I think I could handle about 5 minutes of Pleasant Goat. Margo, I am glad to hear that you and Xui are bonding. Mike, time will bring your little girl around. She probably had very little interaction with men and it will take time. She will fall in love with you very soon. Hang in there!

  8. It is way past my bedtime, but I am so happy I have finally been able to "catch up!" I have loved every blog & look forward to hearing all about the next week. Love you guys! I so hope I will be able to meet Rebecca when we are out there after the first of the year!

  9. Just a tip. I have tried pleasant goat in the past. It goes better with Soba noodles but fried rice and sliced ginger will do in a pinch...

    Congratulations. Enjoy every minute.

  10. I must admit I had never heard of the Pleasant Goat "program" -- I am not sure I could handle very much of that. How bizarre.
    So sorry.
    Speaking of patience, isn't it wonderful how we manage to find the patience we need for the things that are the most important.

  11. I've really enjoyed reading all your posts and look forward to them daily! I had to go and look at the Pleasant Goat on youtube, wow good for you and your patience!! It sounds like both of you are doing an awesome job!
    Mike, your daughter will bond with you, it will just take longer. I'm so glad she's bonding with her mom.
    Margo, I'll miss you next week when I'm in Macon! I look forward to meeting your daughter on my next trip..
    Have fun, be safe and keep posting!!!