Thursday, September 24, 2009



As I sit here typing both my girls are tucked in bed awaiting the long road ahead to America. You know there is something they put everything in perspective for me today. I warn you there won't be any strange twists or any funny anecdotes. We left the consulate today and I looked down at the myriad of forms and notarized official papers and read on thing:

Yang Xiu. F was found abandoned by the wall of back hill of Bo'Ai Hospital East District of Zhongshan City on Feb 13. 2003. She was about 1 week old.

This was the article that was run in the local newspaper in the province where my baby was found. Next to the article is the same photo we received with her file. A freckled face young girl who by age six has shown more courage and bravery than anyone I have known. I have often in the past two weeks thought about the woman who would have so carelessly left her in the darkness to be discovered by strangers. At first, I thought I would slap her in the face but now all I can think to do would be to hug her for the gift she has bestowed upon us.

Tonight we sleep for tomorrow we open a new chapter in all our lives. If I had to title this new chapter it would read the first few words of the ad, Yang Xiu F was found...


  1. mike that was absolute heartwarming, you have a way with words. have a safe flight home. we welcome you and your new daughter with open arms, can't wait to meet her. safe journey

  2. I wish the best for you all. I hope the trip is a pleasant beginning to a whole new life for all of you.

  3. She is so lucky to be Found by Mike & Margo! What a wonderful future she has.

  4. no matter what the trip is like, just bear it...once you are all home, things will settle down..Margo said she wimpered during the packing, but it may have been because she thought you and Margo were going to leave her...and her laughing at her Dad playing hacky-sakc is very encouraging..she's paying attention to her dad she sees him being playful and fun...that's good...she will play with him, soon@ michele

  5. Now I wasn't going to cry....but I did...and so did my friend Shannon who is sitting here with me reading!.....

  6. Congratulations to all of you!! You are ALL very lucky to have each other! Have a safe trip home. You are all in my prayers!

  7. How sweet uncle mike you do have a way with words and i'm sure that Rebecca will love america and all its features and dont worry like you said Rebecca will warm up to you it will just take time
    Little Lex

  8. A safe journey for the three of you. Yes, our babies have been found. How wonderful for all of us...

  9. I wish for you traveling mercies. Our thoughts and prayers are wth you. Thank you so much for sharing these experiences with us. Love Paula