Friday, September 11, 2009

Flight to Beijing

Well, my wife has given me control of the blog. Today we woke up at 5am and it felt like 3AM. Of course, Margo had everything prepared, cataloged, and double checked. I love her she is so thorough. We had every aspect of our trip mapped out and asked our generous friends Billy, Michelle, and Elton to take care of our pets.
We headed out and arrived at Atlanta airport with no complications or tragedies. We had all our paperwork and boarded our flight for the windy city, Chicago. We actually landed twenty minutes early, you go United Air, and only had to walk a short distance to our gate bound for China. While we were seated we saw so many children and they were all adorable. We met a couple that already had two little girls from China between 3 and 6 and they named the oldest Rebecca.
You know it's funny. I have told Margo for fifteen years know that she could befriend and talk to anyone and everyone. Before we met I used to ride public transportation in NJ everywhere and never not one single time had someone sat down next to and start a conversation. I say it is because I am not very approachable but Margo says that I am scary. She made sure to mention that people would be scared of me in China. I told her I will probably feel like Godzilla. (Yes, I know Godzilla is Japan not China)
We got to speak to all our friends and family before leaving and everyone is excited but not like Margo. I told Margo she has been like the energizer bunny these last few days. She has been running around making sure everything is perfect for Rebecca "Xiu Xiu" when she gets home.
I am sitting here in seat 25B typing right now bound for Beijing. We have been on the flight for eleven hours now and it feels like 5 days. I have gotten up a thousand times because I am anticipating the next couple of days. I spoke to a man that was born and educated in Beijing but now lives in Minnesota. He is a geologist. He told me that we will absolutely love Beijing and that the whole city is designed for tourism. He did warn me that Guangzhou is a bit different. He explained that there is a lot of opportunists in the southern region that target tourist. Not that I would not blend in. He stated it is a beautiful city but we should not venture too far off the beaten path.
I am spending my time thinking of what Xiu is thinking, feeling, experiencing. I wonder if she is laying in her bed feeling uncomfortable and uncertain because she will be brought to a totally foreign lifestyle. I also wonder if she will grieve over losing her friends from her orphanage. Believe it or not the stranger I spoke to gave me some comfort. He told me that Margo and I are doing a great thing for Xiu and thanked me as a citizen from China for giving her a better life. You know maybe even Godzilla can learn to be a little less scary.


  1. Wow Mike. You got me all choked up.-gm

  2. You're there! Love the Dad's perspective Mike. :) I am getting excited for you both. Margo you look so rested. You'll haev to tell me how you did it all AND look rested for when it is our turn. ;)


  3. Mike and Margo, you deserve a wonderful child and Rebecca is lucky to have both of you. You will be the best parents ever! Can't wait to hug all three of the Kenirey clan. ~~~Love, Grandma Jayne from NJ

  4. More like a big teddy bear rather than Godzilla!

  5. I laugh a lot with your blog,you are very funny!
    Rosa Sonshine

  6. This post made me cry... So sweet...

  7. I am glad that you have made it to China and all is going well. I loved your blog. I wanted to let ya'll know that Kallie and Scott are parents. Kallie had a little girl 9/10/09. She is 8lbs 9oz and 20.5 inches long. We all have so much to celebrate!!!! I cannot wait to read more of your blog. I loved the pictures and hope the rest of the trip goes well.

  8. I dont think your scary


  9. Mike, you're about to make me cry . . .

  10. Awwww Mike!!!! You are gonna make the best Daddy!!!!
    And yes, I am crying now too!!!!
    Love you guys!!!