Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breaking the Shell

The last two days have been a little bit better. Yesterday we woke up and it was our free day. We decided to do some shopping. We got a taxi and went to the Haizhu Square market which is east of our location. It was probably about fifteen blocks away. We got there about 0900AM and it was already hot. I don't feel so bad apparently everyone here knows how hot it is here because the guide told us they have two types of weather here hot and hotter. Today was hotter.

When we got there we discovered that it was both indoor and outdoor. Let's see……I picked air conditioning. Rebecca still has not warmed up to me she will walk as far from me as possible but his will force her to be closer to Margo so that is fine. We walked around and it was set up unlike any shopping location I had ever been to in America. It is a wholesalers market so each floor is geared to one particular type of junk. For example, one floor was dedicated just to toys, one just to electronics, one just to house wares, etc. We stopped at several vendors and bought Rebecca several toys and games but we could not get her interested in anything and there it was. It was like the holy grail of toys sitting atop a mountain. I could spot its glimmer from a mile away. Rebecca pulled Margo as we navigated through the crowd. It was a whole sheet of Pleasant Goat pins. I could here the brain melting chatter in my head "Ya, Ya, YA, YA." Well, since this was a wholesalers market we had to buy a whole sheet. I think it was like 2 US dollars. I looked intently to see if we got a smile but there was none to be had. We did buy another 250 piece Hello Kitty puzzle which would later prove to be another wise investment.

We continued to walk around and found another oddity, a whole complete building nearby filled with stores that sold holiday crap, anything from a Santa outfit to a Halloween costume for Superman. Now you know your wife has a problem when she wants to buy a Halloween costume in China. Yeah, there is no way we will find one of those in the U.S. We then went to lunch at the only place familiar we could find, the golden Arches. The rest of the day was pretty slow. Margo and Rebecca sat in the room and did the puzzle together. It is pretty amazing how content she is figuring out the puzzle.

The next day we woke up for our day of organized shopping at a Chinese artisan store and a Chinese Mall. The artisan store was pretty nice I bought some hand carved chopsticks, a chess board, and a porcelain tea set. Rebecca started to act up a little bit but not nearly as bad as some of the other kids. We then went to the Mall and Margo got a nice set of pearls that she said she will give to Rebecca when she gets a little bit older. The pearl store was amazing just bags and bags of pearls and they strung your necklace while you waited. This was again a fairly short day with our group and we were done by lunch time.

We went back to the room and Margo went to the playroom with Rebecca. Again, she said Rebecca smiles and spoke to her just as I predicted. She is definitely a shy but clever kid and she only shares her trust a little at a time. She seems to be comfortable with Margo so we will encourage that for the time being. I am hoping it gets us to the point where we can get on the plane without another meltdown. Last night before bed Margo was able to put her foot down because Xiu wanted to wear her school uniform but it was wet. Margo told her it was not going to happen and she listened. Our next day will be going to a Buddhist temple. We will be leaving in five days.


  1. mike where have you been? We were getting worried not a word for 2 whole days.! Glad you are all ok. but sorry she is not coming around thought by now she would be more receptive. Is this normal for these kids to re-act like this? If you guys get back to pearl store get me a pair margo would love it, about l8"long, will pay you. Its been rain here for days now not too hot either mike just humid. Well 5 days will be here soon guys, save flight. donna and jim

  2. I am so glad that you finally posted something. I have been missing my Xui fix. I am glad to hear that Margo and Xui and still bonding. Give Xui time, she will figure out what a great guy you are. It sounds like Pleasant Goat is taking over your life.

  3. What is the result of the TB test do you know yet??? (Hoping 5 days is still a go!)
    Julia, Trenton, The Boyz & Tire

  4. "It is pretty amazing how content she is figuring out the puzzle" - I assume that you meant Xiu, but I can imagine this applying to Margo as well.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have had 8 and nearly 3 years with my respective girls and I'm still not sure they have warmed up to me just yet... And as far as melt-downs go, I think you guys are already averaging fewer than us.

    You will both be great parents.

  5. Welcome to America Rebecca. I have been waiting for your arrival for a long time. I cannot wait to meet you. I posted a message here earlier but I don't think it went through. You are a beautiful girl and I know my 5 year old granddaughter will enjoy playing with you when you get settled in. Love, Hazel