Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Pictures!!! I Could Cry!

It's amazing! She is the most beautiful girl! To all the Zhongshan parents, don't you recognize the indoor playground!!!

And we have updated measurements too!!!

height :110cm = 43.3 in
weight :19kg = 42 pounds
head :50cm
chest :53cm
feet :17.5cm

I love Ann from Red Thread China! Thank you!


  1. She's so pretty! She has grown up a lot since her last pictures! Can't wait to meet her. Love, Rich, Sandy and Calista

  2. Auntie Victoria is very excited!

  3. She looks SO much older and more mature! And so pretty!

  4. She is gorgeous! I not only recognize the playground, but also the pink and black outfit. :) I'm exicted to see more of the classroom area too.

    I can't wait until we get to meet our wonderful little girls. How exciting to see 3 little ones from there readying to go home.

    And I agree, Ann is awesome!!


  5. Beautiful! and you're right, her school is bright and cheery.

  6. She is stunning! How I wish I would be traveling with you and Shelley. What a beautiful viberant little lady.

  7. Hang in there Adrian! We will try to get pictures of your little Ping!