Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stress and Money Belts

Now in an attempt to keep my blog a HAPPY blog, although deep down inside I am really anxious and stressed, I have not mentioned any of my recent paperwork woes. Oh, let's just hope that the third time is a charm on my home study update. Yes, I'm not kidding, 2 months to figure out how to get a correct home study to USCIS. Anyway, let's leave the depressing stuff behind and talk about more exciting stuff - money!

Adoptive parents are, of course, made of money and should be required to bring thousands of dollars (in cash) on their trip. Ok, so the first part is not true, but we do have to bring our life savings with us. Now my husband thinks this is ridiculous, but I have to gently remind him that YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES. So I have lovingly purchased his and her money belts for us, that came today.


  1. Can't wait for wrath that would occur if someone tried to pickpocket my 6 foot, 280+ pound former high school captain of the football team husband.

  2. The little Chinese people will want to take pictures of Mike. He will be an oddity for them. Make sure to cross the street in the middle of a pack of people.