Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ok, so the question is out, "WHEN do we actually go to get our daughter?"
Let me post best/worst case scenario:

Paper Work StepBest CaseWorst CaseActual
LOI: Letter of Intent  June 22
PA: Pre-approvalJuly 6 July 20July 19
LOA/LSC: Letter of ApprovalAug 3Sep 144 - 8 weeks?
TA: Travel ApprovalSep 14Nov 96 - 8 weeks?
CA: Consulate Appointment
(last week already in China)
Oct 12Jan 44 - 8 weeks?

And then we were "promised" that our LOA would be expedited because of our file mix-up - that is yet to be seen. I want to be home by December 24, 2009 because that is when my fingerprints expire!!!

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