Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One File, Two Families

One of the reasons we picked China was because of the fair and efficient process. China only allows one family to view a file at a time. A file is either placed on the individual agency's list or a list that all agencies may use, called the shared list.
Well, we have been patiently waiting for our PA (Pre-Approval) for two weeks. Today, we found out today that our agency never actually "had" the file and that the file was actually already locked by another family (at a different agency) who already has TA for her.
This is heartbreaking. I had a meltdown at work and came home and my husband didn't go to work either. Our agency has sent an apology and the CCAA has referred us a new file. It's been an emotionally draining day, and can one child really replace the bond you were building with another?
Only time will tell.

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